Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong


All CEDoW staff and students are able to borrow eBooks and Audiobooks (via Sora) from our Inter-Diocesan Library called Australian Catholic Education Network (ACEN).

To access this service, either

  • Download the Sora App for your device (iOS or Android stores) or

  • Use your browser ( or

  • Use your school library Oliver system to search, and be taken automatically to the Sora website

  • See below for further information. Contact Jim Gallagher ( for any other library services.

Getting started with Sora

How to access Sora

Sora login

Sora Accessibility Features

Sora Accessibility

Student FAQ's

Staff FAQ's

How many books can we borrow?

  • 4

  • If you are going on a holiday where you won’t have access to the internet, make sure you have downloaded the book first.

  • We share our library with 250,000 students + Staff so I encourage students to borrow one at a time, rather than have books on their shelf not being read while others will be waiting to borrow.

How long can we have a book for?

  • 21 days

How do I return a book?

  • You don’t need to, it is automatically returned after 21 days.

Can I return it early?

  • Yes, please return the book if you have finished reading. Someone in your class or in Rockhampton could be waiting for your book.

If I don’t finish the book, can I renew it?

  • Yes, when there are 3 days to go (i.e. after 18 days), you can renew.

Can I borrow books on the weekend or holidays?

  • Yes, this library is always open.

Do I need the internet to borrow?

  • Yes, once it’s downloaded you can read your book offline.

The book I want to borrow someone else has, how do I place a hold?

  • Instead of the borrow button you’ll see a hold button.

  • After you tap the hold button, you’ll see how long you have to wait, how many others have placed a hold, and where you are in the queue.

The book I want isn’t in the library!

  • Tell your teacher who will email me (

I have to study a book, can I highlight and make notes?

  • Yes

I want to keep the notes after the book is returned

  • You can export to your Google Drive before it’s returned.

What can I do if I don’t know the meaning of a word?

  • Tap and hold the word -> tap Define. Every word tapped is saved for future use.

If I tap the 3 horizontal lines top right corner, what does Nickname mean?

  • Tap on the word and you can put your name there.

  • You can also tap the picture and change it.

Do Staff have their own access to Sora or is it only for Students?

  • Yes. If you have CEnet credentials you can sign into Sora.

I’m not based at a school, I’m in the CEO office. Can I still use Sora?

  • Yes, you can. You access exactly the same as schools ie CEnet credentials.

I’d like my students to view the text while I read/discuss the story.

  • Borrow the title on your device (using Sora on your iPad or URL of on a laptop).

  • AirPlay the eBook to your Apple TV.

  • You can also use the same technique for AudioBooks.

The title we are studying is not in Sora

  • Email me ( the title and I’ll see if it’s available.

  • If the title is available in digital format I will purchase it.

We are studying a text for a longer period than Sora allows

  • We can set up a ’Title Assignment’ scenario where the students keep the title for a set period of time. This overrides the number of titles they are allowed and the time period.

  • Note: we do need enough copies in the collection for each student to borrow, depending on cost we can always purchase more copies.

  • Please contact me ( for this option.

I have a student with a Print Disability and the required text is difficult for the student to access when in print format

  • Same scenario as above (eg might be a student studying a text for HSC and needed for perhaps a year). Email me ( more info.

The default reading settings are not ideal, is it possible to adjust to suit student’s needs?

  • Yes, this is recommended for all readers.

  • Borrow your first book ⇨ tap the 3 horizontal lines top right corner ⇨ tap Reading Settings and adjust the following:

  • Text size.

  • Lighting (colour background).

  • Select font (make sure it’s a Sans Serif font ie without the decorative bits on the letters like Times New Roman).

  • Tap Custom for more options and select Sans serif as a guide to an appropriate font.

  • Note OpenDyslexic font is available for a student with Dyslexia to try.

  • Change Justification to LEFT so the spacing between words will be the same (easier to eye track the line of text).

  • Increase Line Spacing.

  • Some students may prefer to change the weight to Heavy (Bold).

  • The number of columns will be 2 by default, to change to 1 column, the option is found at top of screen (circle with the lines inside).

We have shared iPads, can our students still use Sora?

  • Yes, the Sora App should already be on the iPads.

  • When the student borrows a title and finishes the allotted time period to read in class, they should sign out.

  • There will obviously be times when they forget, no issue, the next person simply signs them out and signs back in as themselves.

  • The titles they have checked out appear when they log back in as well as where they were up to in the book.

  • Note: the personalised reading settings are saved to the device, so this may or may not be an issue with shared devices.

I would like students to be able to read the text while hearing the text read aloud, is this possible?

  • Yes, browse the Collections, you’ll find one called ‘Read along’.

I understand the majority of the collection will be for students, is it possible to have some titles for Staff?

  • Yes, we have a Collection called ‘Professional' (readings for teachers).

Why is this library called ACEN and not the Diocese of Wollongong?

  • Wollongong joined forces with 14 other Diocese.

  • We had to give this new library a name and decided on...

  • Australian Catholic Education Network (ACEN).

Can parents have access to SORA?

  • No, you must have CEnet credentials.

  • However, I’m happy to give parent sessions so they can assist their children at home.

When I search Oliver I can see eBooks and Audiobooks, are they Sora books?

  • Yes, it is another way to access ACEN library, you’ll see a borrow button that will take you to

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