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Stocktake Procedure September 2022









Beginning of Year Tasks

Beginning of Year Tasks

End of Year Tasks

End of Year Tasks

Dewey and book numbers in SCIS

SCIS and Dewey

Enhance Records using SCIS

It is now possible to search for resources that have failed an 'Enhance' via Z- Source.

There are two field options for searching from the 'Any words' field in the Resources Search page:

  • Copy and paste bold text into the 'Any words' field (don't forget to choose BibType of Book to avoid your result showing Overdrive titles).

1. zSourceEnhanced - whether a resource has been enhanced or not.

a) zSourceEnhanced="true" will return all resources which been enhanced. b) zSourceEnhanced="false" will return all resources which have failed enhancement.

2. lastZSourceEnhanceAttempt - the last date that a resource was enhanced.

a) lastZSourceEnhanceAttempt>="01/01/2019" will return all resources which were enhanced on or after 01/01/2019.

b) lastZSourceEnhanceAttempt<="01/01/2019" will return all resources which were enhanced before or on 01/01/2019.

How to add a Tag to a Search result

  • Perform a search

  • View the 1st record

  • Click 'Add Tag' and select an existing Tag or create a new one

  • Return to your Search result

  • Click on the Tag icon now displayed for 1st record

  • Click the checkbox at the top to select all records in this search result (name of tag should appear at top of the checkboxes

  • Save

How to Search for all items with the Tag you added

  • Go to Search screen of Borrower, Resource or Copy

  • Click Tag icon at top of screen

  • Select the Tag name you want and run

Note: You could also do this in Management -> Tag Manager and select Entity eg Borrower, Resource or Copies

How to remove a Tag

  • Select record (Borrower, Resource or Copy)

  • Click on the Tag

  • You'll now see an option to remove

Embed a PDF on your Search Page

  • Select the Info Box called 'File'

  • Upload your PDF

Note: by default file can't be more than 1Mb. If your file is larger let me know.

URL Mask

  • Type the URL into the Related URL field

  • Click + icon

  • Click the pencil icon

  • Add the Text to describe the URL (could be the name of the site or simply 'Click here to view site')

Library Link

Log into your school’s Oliver

  • Click on your name and choose My Details from the dropdown window

  • Click on ‘Library Link Setup’ from left side of window (you’ll now see a QR Code)

  • Download the Library Link App from the App Store

Launch the App

  • Tap Setup from bottom of window

  • Tap ‘SCAN SETUP CODE’ from top of window

  • Hold up to the QR Code on Oliver

  • Save