Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong

EBSCO Databases

All CEDoW staff and staff in Primary schools are able to access and use ...

EBSCO's Secondary Explora and

EBSCO's Primary Explora and

EBSCO's Australia/ New Zealand Reference Centre Plus and

EBSCO's ANZ Points of View through these links.

All Secondary staff and Secondary students will need to access EBSCO through their own Oliver Library.

These databases will help teachers and students to find reliable research sources to support the curriculum and students’ information literacy skills with high-quality content from popular and educational sources including full-text databases, e-books, audiobooks and digital magazines.

Introducing the New Explora Experience (2.00 mins) a more detailed (30.00 mins) exploration can be found here.

Overview of EBSCO Explora Database (3.30 mins) & Browsing Content and Refining Results (5.30 mins)

Explora Searching for a Specific Topic and Advanced Search (6 mins) & Features and Tools within Articles (9 mins)

Support Features - Lexile Ranges and Curriculum standards (2 mins) & Explora Video - all of the above topics (26 mins)

Overview of ANZ Points of View (POV) Reference Centre (3 mins) & ANZ POV Topic Overviews and Related Essays (5.30 mins)

ANZ POV Searching and Refining your Search (10 mins) & ANZ POV - all of the above topics (22 mins)

EBSCO Research Guides and EBSCO Connect (2.30 mins)